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Let’s face it.  Cigarette butts are disgusting to look at and are harmful to our beaches, parks and communities.  The good news is that there are steps YOU can take to help KICK THE BUTTS!


Check out the Tobacco Waste Reduction ToolkitWaste Toolkit image

The Tobacco Waste Reduction Toolkit was developed with the California Tobacco Control Program.  The purpose of the Tobacco Product Waste Reduction Toolkit is intended to mobilize communities, including tobacco control advocates, environmental groups, businesses, and local governments, to address discarded cigarette butts in the environment.  The toolkit includes tips and steps for successful cleanup surveys, strengthening partnerships, and how to educate and advocate for tobacco-free policies. The toolkit is a compilation of past successes, lessons learned, statewide resources, templates, a how-to guide for geographic information systems, and so much more!

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Write a “Letter to the Editor”

Write a letter, or even an opinion piece (op-ed), to your local newspaper.  Maybe you want to respond to an article that you don’t like.  Why not point out some poorly framed local policies, or compliment a public official for promoting a worthy initiative that takes on tobacco waste.  Well written, timely letters or op-eds can help influence public policy on the environmental impacts tobacco waste.

Social Media for Social Change!

Use email and social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others to educate your friends, colleagues, and professional contacts about tobacco waste in the environment.  The more people are aware of the issue, the more likely it is we can solve it!

Engage your Community

Host a community conversation with friends, co-workers, neighbors and/or others you think might be interested in addressing the problem of toxic cigarette waste.  Join with others to organize a beach, park or trail cleanup – and track how many butts you find!

Become an Advocate! 

Communities across the United States are beginning to take action against tobacco waste.  Why not help them!  Become an advocate and raise support for laws and initiatives that will reduce and prevent toxic cigarette waste in the environment.  Contact your local, state or federal officials and voice your opinion!  Make sure you create a clear, concise message and include personal experiences you’ve had.  Use local media to get the message out.

Become an “Expert”!

You don’t have to have a PhD to speak out as an informed citizen.  Use resources, such as those on our website, to learn more about the issue.  There are many other groups out there who are working hard to tackle this problem too – visit their website (see links).  Offer to volunteer or become a staff member with groups in your community to help fight toxic tobacco waste.


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