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Our Mission

CBPP New Logo PTE WhtCigarette Butts are everywhere!
Every year, 5 TRILLION cigarettes are sold globally, and over 287 BILLION are sold in the United States. Sadly, one out of every three smoked cigarettes ends up dropped on our streets, parks, beaches and waterways. This has to stop! The Cigarette Butt Pollution Project is dedicated to the elimination of cigarette butt waste from our environment.

Who are we?

We are ground-breaking partnership between public health and environmental advocacy groups. We advocate for effective butt-free policies by encouraging community dialogue, conduct research into the toxicity of tobacco waste and the economics of cleaning up cigarette waste, and provide expert assistance to governments, communities, organizations and individuals seeking to reduce the environmental burden of cigarette butt waste. Cigarette butt waste has polluted our beaches, parks and communities long enough – it’s time to take action!