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SDSU 6th annual cigarette butt clean-up event

May 2, 2015

On Saturday May 2, 2015, San Diego State University held its 6th annual campus wide cigarette butt clean-up event. More than 32 volunteers participated in the event and picked up 14,063 butts in 1 hour. This averaged out to approximately 439 butts per person collected from different locations around campus. Over the last 6 years, there have been 114, 769 butts collected from these events. Although a campus-wide no-smoking policy is in effect, we still didn’t see a significant decrease in the amount of cigarette butts collected from around campus. The map shows how the campus was divided into zones and how many butts in each area were collected over the years. The hot spots for butts was near the bus/trolley stop, library and international language school. The campus has increased the amount of signs around campus stating that the campus is tobacco-free, however enforcement is minimal at best. We hope the data collected from these events will help the university to put into place better enforcement strategies to assist in making SDSU truly a tobacco-free campus.

Map total 2010-2015

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