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Billions of trees are cut down to make toxic butts...

We sent our butts from our clean-ups over the years into the CA Dept. of Public Heath and this is what artist J Cristobal Valecillos transformed them into to highlight the billions of trees that are used every year to make cigarette butts.

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Check out this video about the big butt problem!

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Ban cigarette filters to save the environment

Check out this article published in the Current Environmental Health Report about banning cigarette filters based on their toxicity.

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Tom talks toxic butts with Barcelona english radio

CEO Tom Novotny talks about the tobacco industry, tobacco waste and its harmful impacts on the environment.

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Toxic Butts and Goldfish

Did you know that cigarette butts are toxic to marine and fresh-water fish? A single cigarette butt soaked for a day is enough to turn a liter of water a sickly yellow brown and kill 50 percent of fish swimming in it

Butt FAQ

Everything you need to know about cigarette butt waste in the environment. Share this with your friends (especially those who smoke)!

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Tobacco Waste Reduction Toolkit

CBPP and the California Tobacco Control Program have teamed up to create the Tobacco Waste Toolkit!

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Join the Fight!

Dedicated to fighting the environmental impact of cigarette waste.

Toxic Butts

Advocacy and Raising Awareness

We are raising awareness and providing solutions – check these out!



Get informed!  Learn more about the problem of toxic butts

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Every year over 300 billion cigarettes are sold in the United States, and almost 100 billion of these are tossed into our waterways, beaches, parks and streets.  Please help us Kick the Butts from our environment!

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